Viper Island

Viper Island

Viper Island






Viper Island derives its name from the vessel H.M.S. serpent within which Lt. Archibald Blair came to Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 1789. The vessel, it’s believed, met with an associate accident and its portion was found close to the island. This little island was the positioning of the jail wherever British wanted to imprison convicts and political prisoners. it’s the ruins of a gallows tree atop a mound. The jail was abandoned once the Cellular Jail was created in 1906. In any mention Andaman and its role in the freedom struggle, it’s the Cellular Jail that finds frequent mention. But, a few years before the Cellular Jail was created, it absolutely was the jail at serpent Island that was employed by British to impose the worst kind of torture and hardship on those that strove to free the country from British rule.

The Jail
The need for building a jail there was felt solely when British started a penal settlement at Port Blair in 1858. Ross Island functioned because of the headquarters of the penal settlement. situated close to Port Blair, the development of the serpent Jail was doled out throughout 1864–67. Lt. Col. Barnet Ford, the superintendent of the penal settlement, supervised the work. Initially, a police inspector, a head constable, 2 sergeants, four categories I constables and thirty category II constables were denoted, per materials on the market at the Cellular Jail. Later on, the strength was raised step by step. Solitary cells, lock-ups, stocks and whipping stands characterized the serpentJail. ladies were among the prisoners there.

The conditions at the jail were specified the place got the infamous name, “Viper work party Jail”. those that had challenged the may of British authority were enchained along and confined in the dead of night by a series running through coupling of irons around their legs. it absolutely was at this jail that members of the work partyware place to hardest labor. Brij Kishore Singh Deo, popularly referred to as maharajah Jagganath of Puri, was treated like a standard convict and unbroken within the serpent Jail, wherever he died in 1879.

The Jail has secured a permanent place in the history of the liberty struggle because it was here that Sher Ali, a Pathan from the metropolis, was hanged when he dead Lord salad dressing, Indian Viceroy, on Gregorian calendar month eight, 1872, at Hope city seawall, opposite Chatham Island. when the development of the Cellular Jail in 1906, the serpent Jail’s importance declined.

Today, the two-storeyed Jail building stands tumbled to the pedestal level aside from some of the roofs with the outer wall tatterdemalion. except for many birds that have engineered their nests within the place of the gallows tree, solely a thunderous silence prevails there.





Snake Island is a peaceful excellent visitor goal arranged close Port Blair’s harbor and can be drawn closer in 20 minutes from the Phoenix Bay pier. The Harbor Cruise, accessible day by day from the wharf, gives a general perspective of various purposes of the harbor and an outing to this spooky Viper Island. This place is gone to by various sightseers as it has different attractions with recorded significance furthermore, has entrancing cookout spots with characteristic beautiful situations.




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